I am a tradesman - how do I add my business?

We'll be happy to add your name to the site! All you have to do is click here or call us on             03 420 3735       and we'll be happy to explain our available plans and pricing options to you.

How do you check the reviews are accurate?

Nothing is more important to us than to ensure reviews posted on MyTradesman are fair and accurate. Over 90% of the reviews we receive are positive. We have systems in place to do basic checks on all reviews received, but because the few negative reviews we receive have the greater potential to cause harm we focus our attention on those.

I'm a tradesman and I have received a negative review. What can I do?

First, you may post a response to every review, which we will publish as quickly as possible. Second, you may contact MyTradesman and have all reviews of your business switched off. Third, if you believe the review is untrue or malicious, please contact us immediately and we will advise you of further options available. Fourth, you may offer to put things right with the customer (in many cases we find tradesmen didn't know there was a problem and are keen to make amends) and we will contact the reviewer on your behalf with this request.

What’s this MyTradesman all about then?

MyTradesman is a place where Kiwis can read and write reviews of tradesmen in their area. You can find out what other people thought of that plumber or sparky you’re thinking of hiring right now, without having to fill out any forms. Easy!

What’s to stop tradesmen writing glowing reviews of themselves?

We are. While there’s no way to prevent it 100%, we have taken various precautions to eliminate ‘self-reviewing’.

Precautions? Like what?

Firstly, no one is able to leave more than one review for the same tradesman, so there is no chance of someone sitting down and sending 50 great reviews of themselves.

Secondly, you must be registered with a valid email address before you can write a review, that way we can contact you if we suspect the review is not genuine. Third, we record the IP address of all reviewers, meaning if somebody signs up mutliple times using different email addresses from the same location we can be alerted. And finally, NO REVIEW WILL EVER make it onto the site without first being checked by one of our Review Editors. If they’re not happy, or feel the review is not genuine, they will contact the reviewer to discuss it and, if still not satisfied, will simply discard it.

Will the tradesman know it’s me who wrote a review of him?

No. When you Join MyTradesman we will ask you to choose a User Name, like "RedHead" or "SpunkyDevil99". This is the name this will be displayed publicly. However, provided that name does not identify you then your anonymity is safe.