Are you tired of paying for a job and ending up unsatisfied? There is no need to any longer. Call The Dekorator Ltd.

The company is owned by Anthony who has employed two fully qualified tradesman.   Our services we provide include Roof Spraying, Painting, Wallpapering, Paint Stripping, Waterblasting, Skim Coating, Moss & Mould Killing and more. Between us we bring over 45 years of experience in the Residential, Commercial & Construction Industry.

In these times there are a lot of people coming into this trade trying to pass themselves off as Experienced Painters. Our main emphasis is on providing a top quality finish using only the highest quality paints and NEVER cutting corners on any process along the way. You can be assured that your satisfaction is our main focus.

Most problems customers have with painter’s is due to bad preparation. The reason for this is either inexperience or attempts to cut corners.

The Dekorator Ltd is a Registered Master Painter Company. This means you the customer has a guarantee on our workmanship and can contact the association if there was an unresolved problem. This is not the case if you choose an unregistered painter.

If things go wrong you may end up spending a lot more money to get their mistakes fixed. We stand by our workmanship 100%.

We pride ourselves on our Professional, Reliable & Honest Service using only the best products to achieve the best finish.

So if you have an iron roof that needs painting or some interior/exterior that needs a new lease of life. Contact 'The Dekorator Ltd'. Maybe you have a fence or Garage that needs a spruce up.........