Wall Papering has made a revival in the past few years and colour consultants, and designers are using wall paper to make bold new statements. Whether it be with a feature wall to brighten or lighten or a mural to create a special effect, wall papering is no longer an old fashioned option, however the trade has become more challenging with the introduction of pre-pasted wallpapers. Different papers use different pastes, and experience like practice makes perfect. 



Wall paper does not hide imperfections in the walls. Any imperfections in your wall will show when the paper dries. The three 'P's for Proven Proper Preparation are just that. Time skimped here will be forever evidenced later in the finish of the job. Our paperers know when some walls require more size or papers require more paste, and the tricks of the trade to give a paper depth, and hide the seams, are skills aquired through many years of practice.




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